Vintage Acts by CODA

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The Andrew Sisters, Tribute, CODA, Beverly Belles, Julia Tobey


Type: 1930s-1950s Vintage, Holiday & Patriotic
Size: 3-9 performers

The Beverly Belles – Inspired by the music, look, and feel of the WWII era and The Andrews Sisters, the Belles perform their fresh take on classic repertoire at military functions, cruise ships, holiday soirées, private events, and much more!

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Why book a vintage or specialty act at your event? All ages events are particularly great for vintage acts! Of course, the variety and talent are going to go over, but more than that vintage acts add an ora of timelessness to an event. They are a guaranteed hit and blend perfectly with events that are building up to a big dance party! Also popular with a vintage act booking are DJ’s or cocktail jazz ensembles.