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Denver Wedding Bands with CODA

With CODA’s high standards of excellence and our training, our wedding entertainment, Colorado based Denver wedding bands, are not only top notch, but they are educated as to the importance of every aspect of the day and the people who make it happen!

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Mannequin the Band. This is NOT your father’s wedding band!

CODA holds monthly workshops to educate our musicians about the wedding industry and all of its moving components. We call this training, the CODA 360° View. And though it’s a trade secret what we do and how we get our knowledge, we can assure you that there are no other groups going to the lengths that we go to be sure that you have the best experience possible with a music act.

While doing our research, some of the complaints we have heard (about other bands) from venues, wedding planners and brides, has been a real eye opener! We listened and went back to the books we were writing. We made note of the concerns and looked into band cultures and tried to understand where the disconnect was. We inevitably found what we were looking for and were able to craft lessons to correct it!

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Brett Omara, CODA, Spinphony and OnCue Entertainment

Our wedding bands, like Mannequin the Band, Denver’s most sought after wedding band, are staffed with (see what I did there?) Classically trained musicians and musicians who have music degrees and educations in jazz performance. So when you hire a band to travel from Denver to a remote mountain top in Crested Butte or Snowmass, we can consolidate your planning by providing exquisite talent for the entire day!

Want to learn more about music for the rest of the wedding day? Check out our String Ensembles for Wedding Ceremonies or cocktail hours and our Jazz Combos for Cocktail Hours!


Giving back. CODA is affiliated by ownership, with the Denver Music Institute. Music Lessons on all major instruments, taught by working professionals in CODA groups. Both CODA and DMI are companies who give back a portion of our profits to non-profits. A whopping 20% to be exact. Giving back is something we take very seriously.

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