Genre: Rock, Classical & Pop Mashup + DJ
Size: 4-5 performers

Spinphony is an exciting and unique group that will add elegance, energy, and WOW to any event. The four ladies can stroll, perform on stage with choreography, or on LED light boxes. They can also perform as a classical string quartet for portions of the event and transition into the dazzling electric string show. Perfect for corporate, private, and wedding events.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that this group is one of the most sought after and most regularly booked groups in the entire region. With literally hundreds of engagements per year, this group is as polished as a diamond. From wedding ceremonies, to cocktail hours to concert stages, there is a show that is perfect. Musically and production flexible, they are absolutely unforgettable.

CODA Entertainers often mixes our categories for an event. For instance, often a dance band will be booked along side the string quartet. Have you considered taking a musical journey throughout the timeline of your event? Its a good idea to start with lighter, smaller productions like vintage acts and strings early on and then escalate to larger groups and productions for the dance portion of your evening. Look into our dance band options to see if this might appeal to you!