Meet The CODA Team

CODA Entertainers is a Colorado based group of producers and performers who elevate the experience of live entertainment. Our team is passionate about empowering innovative acts and connecting clients to quality entertainment. CODA has invested and earned trust with our artists and clients by continuously putting people before profit. We do not cut corners.

We work hard. We care about quality. We honor your time and value our talent.

Oh, and we bring the party.

Dana Wield, DMI, CODA and Mannequin the Band

Dana Wield

Dance Bands

Singer and performer, Dana Wield, is the co founder of Mannequin the Band and co owner of the Denver Music Institute. With 20 years of professional stage experience, Dana loves to bring beauty and joy to any event or performance. She studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City and holds her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and Directing. Performance has brought Dana all over United States, Europe, and Asia. When she’s not performing or connecting you with an amazing dance band, she is spending time with her entrepreneur Brit (husband), Jonathan, and dancing with wild mini me (daughter), Eleanor Joy.

Question: What is your favorite 90s jam?
Answer: Easy. “Let Me Clear My Throat”, DJ Kool. Boom.

Alan Currens, CODA, DMI and Mannequin The Band

Alan Currens

Dance Bands

Alan Currens is an all round entertainer of 30 + years. Alan has always and is living out his childhood dreams to entertain and live a life of music, performance and entrepreneurialism. Notable traits might be leading by example, tenacity and determination? Alan believes in ethics, fitness, family, working hard, paying it forward and surrounding himself with quality people. He values his business partners and his mission is to help others realize their potential and their significance as artist. Alan is co-founder of Mannequin the Band, co-owner of Denver Music Institute and a founding partner of CODA.

Question: How important is focus?
Answer: Focus is, without a doubt.... Dammit! Did anyone see me pay the meter or did I just walk right in here?

CODA, Julia Tobey, Beverly Belles, Party Singers

Julia Tobey

Vintage Acts

Julia Tobey is a singer, director and producer. She is the proud founder and owner of Party Singers and The Beverly Belles. Julia has performed professionally for over two decades on stage, TV and film in NYC, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Denver and Orlando and three years on the Seven Seas as singer / dancer for Disney Cruise Line. She has been contracted across the country to produce live musical shows, most notably ``The Silver Lake Sisters`` at Disney's Hollywood Tower Hotel. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance from the University of Northern Colorado. Her favorite kind of day off includes gardening in her backyard (confession: the weeds won this year), drinking a Colorado brewed craft beer and cuddling with her family: baby daughter Lily Jean, comedian husband Heath Hyche and rescue pug Tootsie Pop.

Question: What's one thing you wish you could do?
Answer: Break dance like a mo' fo.

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